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Covela is  located in Baião on the Douro river and at southeastern edge of the Vinho Verde region. This terraced amphitheatre, blessed by singular natural beauty, is home to the Avesso grape, one of Portugal’s iconic white varietals.

At Quinta da Covela we are recognized for the quality of both our white and rosé wines, and for our certified organic farming. Our aim of stimulating biodiversity on all fronts leads us to embrace organic practices in the vineyard, in our orchards and kitchen gardens, as well as in our cellar. For us this is the most natural way of interacting with the ecosystem around us.

At Quinta de Covela and Villa Covela, we love receiving visitors. We invite you to witness the daily hustle and bustle of a working vineyard and to taste our wines overlooking the vines that produce them. We have several tasting options available. Please contact us for a unique wine and food experience.


Nature’s annual cycle makes Quinta da Covela worth a visit during any season of the year: Please get in touch and come and relax in this haven of greenery: We are always happy to receive you.

Following on from the red and golden hues of our Autumn foliage and the ethereal austerity of winter comes rebirth. In spring, plant and animal life awaken and the green returns in a rush: wisteria, jasmine, honeysuckle and, of course, our vines start to break bud. Ladybirds – a symptom and symbol of organic farming – can be seen again and they herald the return of all types of flora and fauna. As Spring turns to Summer, the temperatures rise and the colours grow more intense, the scents more inebriating. Cherry season is marked by the return of birds chirping wildly, and then in the Summer months, our private dinners with live music staged in Covela’s 16th Century ruins. The highlight of the year is of course the grape harvest: a magical moment that blends the hard work of manual grape-picking with the joy of creating new wines.

Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. All seasons are perfect for visiting us. Enjoying bespoke and exclusive experiences in wine tourism. Enjoy Villa Covela.


On the banks of the river Douro but in Vinho Verde territory, thus known as the Douro Verde, we produce our white and rosé wines with our eye firmly on sustainability and respect for the ecosystem. Our certified organic wines are elegant and fascinating, just like their natural habitat. We regard Avesso, an indigenous Portuguese grape from this region, as the highest expression of our terroir.

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In 2011, the Brazilian entrepreneur Marcelo Lima and Tony Smith, a former foreign correspondent and magazine editor, got together to take over Quinta de Covela, a unique vineyard once owned by Portuguese film director Manoel de Oliveira. For both, the acquisition was the realization of a dream. Their invitation to winemaker Rui Cunha and the former field and cellar teams to return to Covela was a sign of  respect for the estate’s illustrious past and continuity, but work has not stopped ever since to focus Covela also on the present and the future, with the Avesso grape and organic farming as its cornerstones.   And so this unique project resumed its fascinating journey.

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At Villa Covela, we wish you to feel at home. The four suites are all distinct in terms of décor and all have private access to the outdoors and the swimming pool.

You will find have bookshelves full of a multitude of novels and reference books, as reading is one of our passions, though we also believe the breath-taking river views will fill your senses and bring plenty of inspiration to our visitors. Besides the private pool with a river view, we also have a beautiful patio carved out of the granite rocks on the hillside, which will shelter your alfresco dinner from the usual Douro breeze, cooling summer nights as well. In the villa you will find an honesty bar with most of our wines from Covela, Tormes and Tecedeiras, including some delicious Ports.