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The perfect expression of our Terroir

Avesso varietal

The Avesso grape is in its natural habitat here between the hillside town of Baião and the granitic slopes of the Douro river. It is quite a difficult grape to grow and can be something of a prima donna, due to its thin-skinned berries that are fragile and sensitive to swings in temperature and humidity.

Avesso wines have distinctive aromas, combining citric tones with delicate perfumes reminding us of apples and white flowers. On the palate we find a dry, distinct mineral structure with fine balance and a long finish.

Working with Avesso is a challenge we embrace with a passion. It is as challenging as it is rewarding, and we believe our Avesso wines are a beautiful expression of our terroir.

The Wines

In the vineyard, we farm organically and are have been certified organic since 2018. In the cellar, our white and rosé wines result from precise winemaking practices that rely on as little human intervention as possible. We use classical vinification methods and believe in showcasing the intrinsic qualities of our types of grapes and soils.

Although we are located in the Vinho Verde region, due to our careful quality standards, our wines have a great aging potential in bottle. In years that promise outstanding quality, we produce unique vintages, such as our  Covela Fantástico.

Covela wines are gastronomic wines and they express their full potential when paired with delicious food.

Get to know our wines

The region

Quinta da Covela is located in the Vinho Verde DOC region, specifically in the Baiao sub-region, an area popularly known as Douro Verde. The estate is centred on a beautiful natural amphitheatre covering 36.5 hectares, 14 of which are under vine. The granitic soils are responsible for the much-appreciated minerality of our wines.

As in other Portuguese wine regions, it is common to have different varietals growing next to each other. For this reason, it is possible to produce different blends and different types of wine, be they mono-varietals or blends. Among the varietals planted here, Avesso is the grape that represents the highest expression of our terroir.