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Organic Farming

Caring for biodiversity
is part of our daily job

Since 2018, our vineyards have been certified as organic. Our all-round vision of Nature is simple: we want to guarantee the future, the sustainability and the biodiversity of the whole ecosystem which is farmed by us. This is why we adopt organic methods across the whole agricultural production at Covela: in the vineyards, in the olive groves, orchards and kitchen gardens.

Everything starts in the vineyard. Here you won’t find any synthetic pesticides nor herbicides. We use only natural methods to provide nutrients and protect the plants and the soils, such as cover crops. These ancestral customs of sustainable viticulture have other advantages: they increase the biodiversity of the vineyards’ ecosystem, helping in the protection against pests and fungi.

Our wines are a synonym for purity and balance. In every glass of Covela, our wish is that you can taste the granite soils and the intrinsic characteristics of our grapes. In a word:  purity.


The production of cherries with organic methods requires complete care and specific handling techniques to ensure a genuine production. Besides the absolute beauty of our trees, the scent of their flowers in bloom adds distinctive hues to the floral perfumes around our Quinta. Cherries are rich in proteins, calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, and C and have refreshing, diuretic and laxative properties. They can be enjoyed raw, but they can also become part of pies, jams, and liquors.


Our citrus trees are a distinctive trait of Quinta da Covela. In bloom, their flowers spread their inebriating aromas throughout the whole Quinta. Our lemons are a coveted treasure, both for their flavour and the fragrance of their essential oils. The lemons are perfect for lemonade, lemon curd, or to season a salad. The oranges perfect for orange marmalade and juice. When you visit us, you will find them during your strolls through the Quinta, and we are sure you won’t be able to resist harvesting some!


How can it be possible to raise the potential of the Avesso grape in our wines in a more genuine and pure way? Instead of using chemical stabilizers such as sulphites for our COVELA Avesso Natur, we use chestnut flowers (Castanea Sativa Mil). These flowers are packed with antioxidants, fungicides, and anti-bacterial properties and so can replace sulphites. These flowers come from the chestnuts growing around the Quinta, and they are manually harvested and prepared for use by our own field and cellar teams.